Contact: 509-332-0552
ATVP provides services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and their non-offending family members and friends, at no cost and without discrimination. ATVP is the only organization in the area that provides such services, including crisis intervention through a 24-hour hotline and in-person assistance; a secure, confidential emergency shelter that can house 13 individuals; advocacy-based counseling; legal and medical advocacy; domestic violence and sexual assault support groups; child advocacy; community outreach and education; information and referral.
SERVICES PROVIDED: answered 3,063 hotline calls, provided 1,026 shelter nights for 60 children & adults, assisted 445 individuals dealing with the effects of sexual abuse, 80 group sessions for domestic or sexual abuse sufferers, & provided 2,149 advocacy-based counseling sessions.

BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, Inland Northwest Council
Contact: 509-325-4562
The Boy Scouts of America serves others by helping to instill values in young people through educational programs that prepare them to make ethical decisions over their lifetime. All programs help prepare youth to reach their full potential through participation in individual and group character-building activities, personal fitness and self-esteem enhancing programs, and community service/citizenship training activities. All programs provide supplemental education designed to strengthen individuals and their families.
SERVICES PROVIDED: 526 Whitman County youth benefited from Boy Scouts in 2008.

Child Care Aware is committed to the promotion of quality early learning and parent education programs in Whitman & Asotin Counties, and to the improvement of access to child care and other family services.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Some 30 licensed day-care providers and more than 2,000 children benefitted from training and support provided by CC&A.;

Contact: 509-334-6483
Circles of caring makes it possible for adults living with dementia and chronic illness to be successful, safe and surrounded by family and friends. We offer a unique day program that provides a safe, caring, and nurturing atmosphere for adults and elders.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Circles of Caring Adult Day Services is a unique day-use program that provides a safe, caring, and nurturing atmosphere for adults and elders. We make it possible for adults living with dementia and chronic illness to be successful, safe and surrounded by family and friends. Circles of Caring provide a wide range of services specialized to assist out participants with their medical, social, and family needs,while improving or maintaining their physical, social, and cognitive functioning. Circles of Caring staff members provide a loving and welcoming environment for our clients. We strive to create a place where your family and friends will enjoy returning again and again.

Contact: 509-397-4611
The Council on Aging and Human Services enhances lives and supports communities with transportation, nutrition, information and assistance, care management and home care services. The nutrition program focuses on eliminating hunger and malnutrition by providing congregate and home-delivered meals, dietary supplements, food distribution and coordination, nutrition information and training. Learn more at our Web site.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Senior nutrition programming funds congregate meals in Pullman each week. Throughout the county, 25,270 meals were served in a congregate setting and 12,400 meals were provided for homebound individuals. FOOD BANK SERVICES: Two-thirds of the individuals accessing Whitman County food banks are seniors or children with up to 750 families served per month. A total of 304,614 lbs. of food were distributed in 2008. Information & assistance was provided to 3,614 elders, transportation to 297 individuals for 5,911 trips (excluding Medicaid) & nutrition services to 795 people in addition to other meal programs.

Contact: 509-328-9220 Voice / TTY
Eastern Washington Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing promotes the general welfare of the deaf and hard of hearing in the Inland Northwest.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Two outreach presentations will be conducted this year & 13 individuals have received financial assistance with hearing devices. A total of 25 Whitman County residents are served currently.

Contact: 509-332-2103
Families Together provides support to families with a special needs child through family networking and education. Families Together supports the entire family with education, support, access to opportunities, and resources to learn and have fun together. Family unity is strengthened by meeting the needs of children with disabilities and their families in the areas of self-advocacy, advocacy, self-reliance, empowerment, information, emotional support, recreation, professional resources, and friendship.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Families Together provided supports to families having a disabled child through education & family weekends. 21 families participated in 2008 with a total enrollment of 125 Whitman County families.

GIRL SCOUTS of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho
Contact: 509-747-8091
Girl Scouts is the world’s pre-eminent organization committed to girls, wherein an open and nurturing environment, girls build skills for success in the real world. As Girl Scouts build skills that will serve them all their lives – strong values, social conscience, self-esteem, and conviction about their own potential and self-worth. Through Girl Scouts, they discover the fun, friendship, and power of girls together. Girl Scouts is for all girls regardless of income, race, or ability, who are between the ages of 5 and 17.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Services for 124 girls & 71 adults provided. Program funding provides grants to girls attending activities.

Contact: 800-422-7893
The Lilac Blind Foundation serves blind and visually impaired clients by providing specialized skills training for the blind and visually impaired with programs including in-home independent living skills training (communications, home management, activities of daily living, and use of residual vision, orientation and mobility instruction), low vision aids and appliances, magnifier loaner program, information and referral services, recreational activities and Braille transcription.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Services to 25 blind or partially sighted individuals in the Pullman area including training and adaptive equipment.

Contact: 509-335-7347:
Sitting astride and controlling a horse is an empowering experience for an individual with physical, mental and/or emotional disabilities. The mission of PATH is to provide recreational, therapeutic horseback riding for people with these challenges. These experiences foster the development of confidence and self-reliance while riders learn the basics of caring for a horse.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Therapeutic riding for 120 disabled individuals supported by 107 volunteers is provided.

Contact: 509-332-6561
Boost Collaborative provides education, training, and employment opportunities for people with disabilities in order to assist them in attaining their highest possible economic and social levels in the community.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Serves children with early intervention services in-home or inclusive setting birth to 3 years old and adults 18 and older.

Contact: 509-334-1133
Palouse River Counseling Services provides a wide variety of community-based mental health services, including chemical dependency treatment, case management, and community mobilization against substance abuse. All treatment services are licensed by the State of Washington and uses community support programming to increase the success of the underserved. The acute, chronically mentally ill or seriously disturbed children in Whitman County.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Serving minorities, children, elderly, disabled and low income. Chemical Dependency: 517 clients; Palouse River Mental Health: 542 individuals served with United Way funding, providing services to children who would otherwise go unserved.

Contact: 509-332-3524
Through values-based programs and services, the YMCA of the Palouse develops civically-engaged staff, student leaders, and volunteers through involvement with those we serve, to build strong communities that foster youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.
PROGRAMMING INCLUDES: Special Olympics of Whitman County, three seasonal sports for individuals with special needs ages 8 and up; Young Athletes, an early division Special Olympics program geared towards 2 to 7 year-olds with and without disabilities, Lincoln Middle School Mentoring program for students in grades 6-8 where the focus lies within academics, homework assistance, service-learning opportunities, and special collaborations with university and community groups; elementary after school programs in Pullmans three public elementary schools for children ages 5-12; and Spring Break and Summer Day Camp programs for children ages 5-12.
SERVICES PROVIDED: More than 200 clients within Whitman County, many of whom participate in multiple programs. The Y’s programs work with over 100 volunteers during the year, whom provide service in programs and events.